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Marketsync is an extremely effective prospecting tool. I love this tool and use it every day!
Selena Knievel
Sr. Premier Services Executive

Marketsync Sales Fulfillment

Marketsync is the only platform to provide a sales fulfillment solution designed specifically for sales teams using Salesforce CRM.

People often think of fulfillment and direct mail as tasks that marketing handles, with materials printed, assembled and shipped in bulk. We think differently at Marketsync. We make prospecting easy by enabling salespeople to send personalized letters, packages, collateral, print-on-demand materials and gifts, and we automate and measure all the steps along the way. We also help you manage the customer life cycle by sending welcome packages and thank you gifts to acknowledge new and existing customers.

Everything is personalized and shipped on-demand. The result is that sales people can cut through the clutter and connect with decision makers 30%+ of the time, and account managers can build stronger relationships with existing customers.

Give us a call to find out how Marketsync Sales Fulfillment can help improve your sales prospecting results and automate your business processes.