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Our Reps generated a $500,000+ pipeline and booked 25% in the first 90 days with Marketsync!
Jon Miller
Vice President, Marketing

Salespeople who use Marketsync get more executive conversations, faster.

Assistants screen calls. Executives delete emails and voice messages. No wonder salespeople say prospecting is their number one challenge.

Marketsync’s Sales Fulfillment solution cuts through the digital clutter by enabling sales people to send letters, packages, collateral, print-on-demand materials and email in any combination. Sales people who use Marketsync get more executive conversations faster, yielding better opportunities, larger deals and shorter sales cycles.

Combined with coordinated email and phone follow-up, Marketsync helps sales people cut through the clutter and connect with decision makers 30% of the time or more.


  • More executive conversations, faster

    Capture the attention of C-level prospects and decision makers.

  • Shorter sales cycles

    Engage higher in the company from the beginning of the sales cycle.

  • More prospecting activity

    Make it easy and salespeople will prospect more.

  • Better prospecting results

    Break through the clutter to get better results and more deals.

  • Pursue and qualify every lead

    Follow-up is easier and faster.

  • Full brand control

    Consistent, up-to-date messaging guaranteed.

  • Automate sales processes

    Streamline customer life cycle processes.

  • Monitor, measure and analyze

    All activity captured in Salesforce.

  • More time for revenue-generating activities

    Less paperwork and administration, more time to sell.

  • Build stronger relationships

    Personalized communications build relationships.