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We get through to C-level prospects early with Marketsync.
Jon Miller
Vice President, Marketing

Our solution cuts through the digital clutter.

Marketsync is designed specifically for sales teams. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and is easily installed via the AppExchange. Salespeople send personalized letters and packages to their prospects with just two or three clicks, or send correspondence automatically via integration with Salesforce Campaigns and Workflow, enforcing best practices and helping salespeople get through to prospects early in the sales cycle.

Marketsync handles printing, assembly and shipping, tracks each letter or package until it’s delivered, and creates an audit trail in Salesforce.

  • Timely, Personalized Direct Mail & Fulfillment

    Customize package content for each prospect
    Combine on-demand printing and custom assembly
    No minimums; send one or a thousand
    Letters and packages can ship the same day
  • Built into Salesforce CRM

    Common user interface makes Marketsync easy to learn and use
    Send a personalized letter or package in just two clicks
    All data stays in one place - no importing or exporting
    Single-sign-on security
  • Tight Workflow Integration

    Create an end-to-end prospecting program
    Trigger emails and follow-up tasks
    Synchronize sales activities with real-time package delivery
    Automate customer life cycle management
  • Executive Visibility and Measurement

    Track and analyze campaign results
    In-depth measurement of prospecting efforts
    Increase accountability against key performance metrics

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